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The very first drop of PraoHom coconut milk was inspired by Thai traditional recipe, which every Thai housewife uses for creating their splendid home meals. Then, we would like to introduce Praohom, the most delicate taste of rich and creamy coconut milk. Praohom is always fresh and comes packaged to ensure freshness. Praohom coconut milk goes great with any dish and you will be sure to impress any guest. We start with the highest quality coconut meat and our team of experts handles each coconut with the upmost care and attention. Our coconuts are fresh! All year long.

Next , we only select the highest quality of the finest raw materials with our high functional technologies. Praohom constantly delivers to your kitchen high natural quality, fresh stock providing a fresh natural aroma.

This is just the beginning of Praohom, we will continue moving forwards with our great motivation to serve you with our upmost excellent natural quality product.